Monday, April 7, 2008

CCC 75th Anniversary Writing Contest Winners Announced!

The score sheets are in and the results have been tallied! Civilian Conservation Corps Legacy Chapter 44 is pleased to announce the winners of the Civilian Conservation Corps 75th Anniversary Writing Competition. Individual winners will be notified by mail and all entrants will receive an acknowledgement of their work and a token of appreciation from CCC Legacy Chapter 44.

The winners are:

First Place Winner: J. Bankhead
The Civilian Conservation Corps: Important To America Then and Now

Second Place Winner: K. Neithercutt
Civilian Conservation Corps

Third Place Winner: A. Bancod
Civilian Conservation Corps: The Start

First Honorable Mention: T. Zaman
The History of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)

Second Honorable Mention: K. Kottmer
The Spirit of the CCC

Third Honorable Mention: S. Syed
The Civilian Conservation Corps and Their Effect on Social America

Our thanks go out to all who put forth the effort to research and write a paper on the Civilian Conservation Corps. We hope that through this project some of you may come to a lifelong interest in the history of the CCC and that when the 100th anniversary rolls around in 25 years, you will be the young scholars who write a new page in the legacy of the Civilian Conservation Corps.

A special thank you also goes out to Mrs. Nelson at Alhambra Traditional School who has the distinction of having the most students enter the competition. Mrs. Nelson’s effort greatly improved the nature of the competition and brought the story of the CCC to youngsters who might not have otherwise learned about this important New Deal program.
Once the awards are presented, the three winning entries will be published in the quarterly newsletter of CCC Legacy Chapter 44, copies of which will be mailed to the winners.