Sunday, April 18, 2010

More Arizona CCC News!

The acclaimed National Park Service exhibit It Saved My Life, which originated at Grand Canyon National Park in 2008, is finding continued life with the upcoming opening of the exhibit in Tucson, Arizona.

Following a wonderful run in historic Kolb Studio on Grand Canyon’s South Rim, the exhibit was loaned to the City of Phoenix and was set up at Phoenix South Mountain Park. The opening of the exhibit there coincided with the dedication of a CCC Worker Statue at the park.

Now comes word that the exhibit will open for public visitation at the Arizona History museum in Tucson starting Friday, May 14th. There is no immediate word on how long the exhibit will run however the exhibit title has been revised to incorporate the local story of CCC work in Southern Arizona as well. The Arizona Historical Society and the Arizona Humanities Council have teamed up to make the exhibit possible. The announcement for the exhibit opening indicates that on the evening of May 14th visitors will have an opportunity to view the exhibit meet CCC enrollees and enjoy refreshments. On Saturday, May 22nd the museum will host a Family Program during which visitors will be able to go on a family-friendly tour, listen to a fireside chat with FDR and participate in hands-on activities.

It is a tribute to the hard work of folks with the National Park Service that this exhibit continues to enrich people’s lives even after its terrific run at Grand Canyon. It is a further tribute to hard working folks at the local level in Phoenix and Tucson who’ve worked to extend the usefulness of this wonderful exhibit so that it continues to teach people about the work of the CCC in Arizona.